Terms & Conditions 

Reporting Time and Identification

Present your Malaysia National Identification card (MyKad) to the Examiner at least 30 minutes prior to the start of each examination.  

If you do not produce any of the document to clarify your identification applicable to you, you will not be allowed to sit the examination and you will forfeit your fees.

Failure to attend a scheduled exam will result in the forfeiture of the examination fee.

If you report to the Examiner more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the examination, you will not be allowed to sit the examination and you will forfeit the examination fee.

If you are not the person named in the attendance list produce by Approved Exam Centre, you will not be allowed to sit the examination.


You must be in proper attire when reporting to the examination venue to take an examination. Candidates not in proper attire, such as being in a collarless T-shirt, singlet, shorts, Bermuda shorts, slippers, sandals or non-covered shoes will not be allowed to sit the examination, in which case, you shall forfeit the fee for that examination. Candidates are not allowed to wear any head-gears when sitting an examination unless they are for medical or religious reasons.

Examination Rules

During our examination the following rules must be followed;

  • No Cheating
  • The desk must remain empty
    1. You are only allowed to have the examination papers, which are provided by us.
    2. You are only allowed to use pencil for MCQ question and a blue or black ballpoint pen for the Essay question.
  • You are not allowed to bring/have additional papers. You are not allowed to bring rulers, calculators, etc.
  • Mobile phones must be placed near the examination invigilator and be silent or switched off. The presence of electronic devices such as smartphones, Smartware (smart watches) and tablet computers are not allowed during the examinations, these devices should be shut-off and placed near the Examination Invigilator.
  • You are not allowed to open the examination question paper unless instructed by the Examination Invigilator.
  • Each student must read and complete the examination cover page and fill out the requested data.
  • Each student must sign the attendance sheet before entering the Examination Hall.



Examination Transfers and Cancellations

To transfer or cancel any Part 66 Examination, the candidate must contact the Approved Exam Centre (AEC) of UNIKL MIAT. Contact details can be found in the candidates’ portal. If a transfer/cancellation is made 3 days or more prior to the existing session start time the 100 MYR fee will be forfeited but no attempt will be registered. If the transfer/cancellation is undertaken within 3 days before the existing session start time, the MYR100 fee will be forfeited and the exam will be registered as an attempt. For external candidates, the MYR300 fee will be forfeited and the exam will be registered as an attempt.

If the candidate is unable to sit for an examination due to medical or other reasons which may be considered acceptable, the candidate may request for a transfer or cancellation of the examination booking by showing up personally at the Approved Exam Centre office with a medical certificate or other supporting documents (s), no later than 5 days after the examination date. Approved Exam Centre has the sole discretion to accept or reject the reason for the absence. If AEC does not accept the reason as valid the 100 MYR or 300 MYR for external candidates fee per exam will be forfeited and the exam will register as an attempt.

Candidates who are failed the examination may not be retaken for at least 90 days. Unless the candidates are enrolled on a Part 147 training course when “retraining” in the specific subject area can be identified by the training organization. In which case the candidates may re-sit the failed exam after 30 days. Results

We strive to release the results at least one-month after the examination.

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